Complaints channel

The Complaints Channel is part of the Thermoval Integrity System. It is an instrument to detect any irregularities such as: control failures, internal and external fraud, criminal actions, harassment and unethical conduct, conflict of interests, corruption, illegal acts and noncompliance with ethical and internal policies principles.

This channel allows society and our employees to send complaints related to services, behaviors and practices in the company.

Complaints that meet the acceptability requirements mentioned below will be subject to investigation and investigation of the Code of Ethics Committee, according to current regulations. Description of conduct;
Indication of authorship, if possible;
Elements of proof or indication of where they can be found.

**A person reporting an occurrence of non-compliance, providing information or otherwise assisting in an investigation, shall be guaranteed anonymity if that is his / her preference and shall be protected against any retaliation.

How do I report it?

The denunciations, complaints and doubts should be sent to:, and can be signed or anonymous, reported in person, by letter or by electronic mail.

**We emphasize that the Complaints Channel should not be used to register complaints of products and services.